Our Programs

Our Programs

Collaborative Inquiry Programs
These are educational courses from two to five days in duration on issues such as Assessment and Selection, Instructor Cadre Development Program, Leadership of Tactical Swarms, Detachment Commander Course, and others.

These are one to two-day retreats for intact teams experiencing some type of transition.

Research and Development
Members of our team will come to your site to observe the training and education of your personnel and collaborate with the team to prototype solutions to emergent problems.

Our faculty are available to speak at larger Mission Critical Team Events.

Mission Critical Teams

Co-Founder, Director: Dr. Preston B. Cline
Co-Founder, Emeritus: Coleman Ruiz

Director MCTI Australia & New Zealand:
Harry Moffitt

Mission: To improve the success, survivability, and sustainability of MCTs via collaboration and applied research focusing on rapidly emergent complex adaptive problem sets. 

Mission Critical Medicine Program Director & Chief Medical Officer:
Dr. Dan Dworkis

Mission: To improve the success, survivability, and sustainability both of medical teams operating in mission critical environments and of mission critical teams operating in medical capacities.

Mission Critical Psychology
Program Director:

Dr. Art Finch

Mission: Mission Critical Psychology was founded on a strength, or asset-based, framework focused on supporting operators to make meaning of the residue which emerges from their lived experiences. Individuals who have chosen the hard path continue to need the skills and knowledge to navigate their world without being labeled as broken or in need of fixing.

Mission Critical Story
Program Director:

Clare Murphy

Mission: To support individuals and MCTs in bringing intention and understanding to the narratives they use to describe themselves and their world and influence their destinies. MCTI believes that storytelling is not a soft skill but an ancient technology designed for increased understanding and retention and that MCTs are fundamentally communities with storytelling cultures.

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