Mission Critical Team Development Program (Custom)

In collaboration with our partners, MCTI can create custom programs focused on improving the Human Factor. This option is open to current, or future, members of specific Mission Critical Team Instructor Cadres. This often takes the form of helping teams construct and maintain their internal learning curriculum.

Size: Max 40 participants (Each Team can send between 3-5 individuals per program), Minimum 15 participants.

Length: 1-14 days

Cost: $6,750 per Person (Includes Hotel, Food, Registration, Instruction and Program Materials)

Faculty: This collaborative inquiry program will be facilitated by select researchers and practitioners from leading Universities, professional sports teams, and research organizations.

Location: This program can be run anywhere in the world. If location does not matter, we recommend the Study at University City as it is close to our faculty.

Posted on September 1, 2017 in Program

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